Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Development

Duration | 80 hours

The Oracle Database is a relational database management system (RDBMS). The Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage information and applications.


Before learning Oracle, you must have the basic knowledge of computer fundamentals

Course Objectives

Establish and understanding of Database Administration using the Oracle DBMS interfaces. Understand and apply database statistics in relation to performance and integrity of the database.

Things you will learn

We help our students at every stage, from the start of a course to the actual skill-building technique. Our curriculum covers the following.

Back to basics

  • Oracle Basics
  • Oracle Views


  • Aggregate Functions
  • Analytic Functions
  • Date functions
  • String Functions


  • Clauses
  • Joins
  • Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Cursors

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