English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP)

Course Overview

English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP) – Offered at 3 levels for young learners who are not native speakers of English, and who are in school at Primary, Secondary or Higher Secondary levels.

The English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP), offered at ThinkWorks, enhances the young learners’ abilities to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language, thereby equipping them to exchange ideas and opinions, express emotions, and present information. This programme helps learners to gain the relevant language skills for success in future higher English language courses.

Targeted primarily at young learners, the ELIP programme is offered at three levels to students who don’t have English as their first language. Students participating in this programme get to work with highly qualified and trained teaching staff who have broad experience in teaching. 

Course Duration

Students undergo 2-4 weeks (approx. 40 – 80 hours) of classroom instruction at 3 levels (Pre Beginner 1-3). The durations have been planned keeping in mind internationally accepted standards of learning for young learners. A pre-training assessment test is administered on the first day, to determine the strengths and weakness of the participants, and the areas where they need more help during training.

Custom designed programmes for longer durations are available as per students’ requirements.

Intake: ELIP is offered throughout the academic year

Eligibility Criteria

Pre Beginner 1: Knowledge of the English alphabet and simple words 

Pre Beginner 2: Knowledge of basic English grammar, and a vocabulary of about 50-100 words 

Pre Beginner 3: Ability to converse using simple sentences, with a vocabulary of over a 100 words

Course participation – Certification

Upon successful completion of the ELIP course, the participant will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation from THINKWorks.