C# Programming


C# is a powerful and flexible programming language. Like all programming languages, it can be used to create a variety of applications. It is designed and developed by Microsoft. Your potential with C# is limited only by your imagination. The language does not place constraints on what you can do. C# has already been used for projects as diverse as dynamic Web sites, development tools, and even compilers.

Who Should Take-up This Course

The programme is beneficial for those who want to explore and become programmers. Students who wants to become an expert in one of the most popular programming languages.

What are the prerequisites for taking this course

Anybody regardless of their skills can take up this training course. However, a basic knowledge c can be helpful

Course Content

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Introduction to the Object-Oriented Approach
  • Creating Objects
  • Operators and Programming Constructs
  • Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Creating Value Types and Reference Types
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • File Input and Output
  • Exception Handling
  • Creating Multithreaded Applications
  • Delegates and Events
  • Attributes and Reflection

Duration: 30 days